Thursday, March 31, 2011

Pranic Healing on Lola

Our students have amazing stories and we like whenever possible to share them with you. Nicole is a gifted Human Massage Therapist who we have been blessed to have as part of our program. When she shared with me her experience with Lola with me I asked her if I could post the story on our blog.

March 2011
Lola is a lovely Mustang mare who is blessed to live at the Tired Dog Ranch in Westfir, OR., near my home. Recently, she was having trouble with her back right hoof. I went to Tired Dog to offer my assistance. Amy Jo (Lola’s owner) requested Pranic Healing for Lola as she planned to do some work on the hoof later that day.

Lola was reluctant to use her back right hoof- she stood without putting weight on back right but could walk. Using the parasite protocol from Miracles in Pranic Healing I worked for about 30 minutes. I chose that protocol because Amy Jo suspected a fungal infection. I did general sweeping, cleaned and energized the solar plexus, navel, and basic chakras and cleaned her ming mein. In addition I cleaned and energized the kidneys because in Chinese medicine they are in charge of the bones. Also the K1 acupoints are in the area of the hoof where Lola was having trouble.

The next day I received this e-mail from Amy Jo:

“Hi Nicole,

I want to give you an update on Lola. Your healing on Friday was wonderful as she was so calm for the medicating and bandaging I did Friday afternoon. I knew it was difficult for her to stand as my left knee started to hurt horribly - her pain, not mine. But I didn't have to cut away any more frog, and so I cleaned the bottom of her foot, sprayed the daylights out of it with iodine, poured in epsom salt, covered that with gauze, sprayed that with Banixx, put on a newborn diaper, wrapped all that in vet wrap, and then built her a boot out of Gorilla tape as I went. She stood for the whole thing without getting upset or seemingly too tired. Then when I was done, she walked off normally! It was fantastic. And the boot lasted until I removed it today. It was dry and clean inside. I really think the Pranic Healing helped her to feel the relief and find the inner strength to help her heal herself as well. She seemed so much more comfortable that afternoon (Friday) than prior to that. I think the mud makes it so difficult for her to adjust herself back into a comfortable alignment, but perhaps when the weather improves and the ground starts to dry (which it had started to do before the rain started again - argh!), some body work would probably feel so good to her. LoLa loves her body work, you know.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. You are a very blessed and talented creature who shares endlessly. I appreciate you so much.”

Nicole Sulick is a Three Treasures Farms Massage Intern and has been massaging humans since 2007. She recently completed her first Pranic Healing training and is also a Certified practitioner of Cosmic Healing Chi Gong and Reiki.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Miracles Through Pranic Healing

Liza Burney has generously donated for our Silent Auction Master Choa Kok Sui's book Miracles Through Pranic Healing.

Energy Healing is an excellent complement to allopathic (Western) medicine because wellness is more than just the absence of disease; health is not just the suppression of symptoms. The symptoms themselves are merely representative of an underlying imbalance. Energy Healing goes to the source of the imbalance, and corrects it on an energetic level. As a result, the symptoms naturally resolve themselves.

At Heart to Heart Healing, my goal is to customize a treatment plan for each client to optimize their personal healing experience. My belief is that the best source of this information is the client's own energy system, and I use this information to set the priorities for the treatment.

1) Physical and emotional healing for people and animals;
2) Relationship and family healing;
3) Energy feng shui for home, office and garden.

Liza Burney
h: 503.892.8840
c: 503.502.5186
f: 419.781.6298


Thursday, March 10, 2011

Why Saddle Fundraisers?

In my many years as a rider and trainer, I had tested many brands of saddles, since so many of the horses I work with in both my massage and training practice seem to have pain issues relating to poor saddle fit. In my search, I was looking for a saddle that would support both the rider and the horse and that was nice enough for performance people, but not so cost prohibitive that only the elite could afford it. Another criterion for me was that the saddle be easy for the lay person to fit to different horses as their needs changed.

I was about to give up hope of ever finding a saddle that could do all those things until I tried the Fhoenix. In our non-profit program, we currently work with 11 different horses and ponies and I was able to find a way to make the Fhoenix fit every one I rode in it. All the horses moved better and were less sore than when I ride them bareback, which before purchasing a Fhoenix was how I had been training most of them.

After seeing the difference in support it gave to our riders and the comfort to our horses and ponies, we began selling our existing saddles in an attempt to raise funding to purchase Fhoenixes for all our equine partners. Although the Fhoenix is extremely reasonably priced for a saddle of its design and quality, it is still fairly cost prohibitive for us to re-outfit our entire program with them. We began by looking for used Fhoenixes.

I approached Shannon Olson (the Fhoenix representative for the US/ Canada) about our desire to have fundraisers to purchase used Fhoenix saddles and to seek her assistance in locating suitable ones. Shannon made us an amazing deal: she offered to sell us the previous season’s demo models she had at dramatically reduced prices. Since she needed to move the existing stock as quickly as possible, she was able to offer us an additional price reduction if we could raise the funding in a short amount of time.

To qualify for this extra discount, we need to raise enough funding to purchase one saddle per month. We will have monthly fundraisers throughout the spring and summer months to assist us in meeting our goals. We encourage people to attend the fundraisers and to take advantage of the opportunity to demo the Fhoenix saddles we have been able to purchase. Haul-ins are available for a $10 fee made payable to the stable. Please contact us directly for more information.


Sunday, March 6, 2011

Jazlyn's Dream Pillows

One of the things we strive to do is assist children in making their horse dreams come true. The reality of one’s dreams can sometimes feel extremely far away.

Jazlyn is a student in our Apprenticeship Program who has shown a great deal of commitment to improving her horse skills as well as working around the stable lending a hand when work needs to be done. At this time we do not have enough funding to allow for us to make all of Jazlyn’s horse dreams come true, but we have come up with a creative idea to help her gain some financial assistance in that area. Combining lavender and fabric which were donated, along with flax seed and sewing instruction from Mary, Jazlyn is able to make dream pillows.

These pillows are excellent aromatherapy tools. They can also be used to ease the tension of sore muscles by heating them up in the microwave and placing them on the body where soreness or tension exists. All the proceeds from the sales of these dream pillows go into a special fund for Jazlyn to assist her in getting proper riding clothing and the tack she needs to do the kinds of riding she desires with Konah, the Three Treasures Farms pony she has partnered with.

The dream pillows will be available for purchase at our fundraisers as well as online. The pillows are $15 each (plus shipping and handling for those purchased online and out of the area). Thank you for contributing to making our kids’ dreams come true!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

March Fundraiser

Come celebrate Spring with us! 

We are having a Spring-themed fundraiser to help buy Fhoenix saddles for our kid's programs.  

There will be a silent auction, with items donated by local businesses and community members.

Both seated and table massages will be available, on a donation basis.   Nicole R. Sulick, LMT #14349, will be among those providing massages.  Email us early to reserve a time for yours!

Available for purchase will be items from the following vendors, with all profits being donated to 3TF:

Natural body-care products created by Nicole for her shop—Wildflower Essentials
Handcrafted jewelry, designed and created by local artisan Rachel Nelson, from her shop—Lilies and Laurel

Also available will be 3TF sweatshirts, aura spray, and prints of “The Meeting”  by Portland artist Raevyn Carney

Where: Community Room,
Whispering Meadows Equestrian Center      
When: Saturday, March 19th, from Noon-4pm              

Contact us at with any questions.
More information about our programs is available at our website: