Tuesday, November 30, 2010

RecZone -- Introduction to Horsepersonship

We are excited to be working with the City of Eugene’s Youth and Family Services, to provide kids from Madison Middle School’s RecZone program with the opportunity to attend a special series of our Introduction to Horsepersonship classes.

There are dozens of skills kids need to safely handle and interact with horses that traditional riding lessons aren’t equipped to cover. This lack of knowledge and control in-hand undermines the magical experience horseback riding can provide children with. Our Introduction to Horsepersonship Class was designed to fill in these gaps by allowing students to take the time they need to practice skills such as correctly haltering, brushing, leading, tacking up, blanketing and many other aspects of horse care in a safe environment.

To help promote learning that will stay with the kids, students are provided with our book, Introduction to Horsepersonship, which highlights everything they will be working on in the class. These books include pictures of the exercises in a step-by-step format, a place for students to take notes on their learning, and some fun horse facts and horse activities.

We hope that we will have the opportunity and funding to provide many more children with the opportunity to experience this course!