Monday, June 25, 2012

Mountain Rose Herbs Scholarships

We recently received a very generous donation from Mountain Rose Herbs, an organic herbal company based out of Eugene, Oregon, which provides, among other things, a large variety of organic herbs and herbal supplies. Mountain Rose Herbs graciously provided a monetary donation and all of the supplies we need for all of our 2012 Herb Walks!

We rely heavily on donations like the one from Mountain Rose Herbs to provide funding for our various educational programs. As a way of honoring their contribution to our 2012 Herb Walk series, we will be providing special Mountain Rose Herbs Scholarships which will allow us to create three additional scholarships per Herb Walk. Scholarships will be awarded to disadvantaged youth and people who are within the horse industry working with youth and or rescue horses.

Disadvantaged Defined: People have less and less resources - especially in this economic decline. One of Three Treasures Farms goals is to teach sustainability and we feel that no one needs that assistance more than those on the bottom of the economic pyramid. For many it isn't a question of whether they want to live a better life so much as it is a question of not knowing how to make changes that will assist them in creating a better life for themselves. The children are very much our future and we focus what resources we receive on helping kids who are interested, but unlikely to have access to the kind of educational and life skills assistance that Three Treasures Farms programs provide for students.

Horse Rescue: Most horse people feel a strong commitment to horses and at some point in their lives come in contact with a horse or pony in need of rescuing. Few people are trained or qualified to lend rescue horses the assistance they truly need to heal. Now more than ever there is a need for qualified rescue workers and it is our goal to share the knowledge we have with others who are helping not only horses, but animals in general. We have developed many cost saving techniques to health care in our rescue work that we try to share with people whenever possible. Our Herb Walks educate animal guardians on sustainable cost effective herbs that assist in many areas of health care (including parasite control), which translates to saving the average horse guardian hundreds of dollars each year for the lifetime of their animal companions.

It is our goal to continue to create more scholarships and eventually have the funding for additional herbal educational programs that promote sustainable health to people and pets. If you would like to join Mountain Rose Herbs in helping us meet this goal by making a tax deductible donation please contact us directly or simply utilize our Donate Now button.

To find out more about dates and locations of future Herb Walks, please visit (and Like!) our Facebook page or contact us at

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Making Lemonade

The problems of the economy in recent years have in some ways been a mixed blessing for us. Without the economy tanking we would never have relocated to the Eugene area, and although we miss our Portland friends terribly, having horses in Eugene costs about half of what it did for us in Portland. The economy and lack of funding also forced me to find alternatives to supplements allowing for me to indulge in researching and using herbs to a much greater degree than I ever have in the past. It has allowed for us to share the knowledge and experiences we have had and in turn allowing others to be more empowered in the care they are providing their horses. 
I feel we have become overly reliant on processed supplements and food. We forget that Nature’s bounty is right outside our door. That once upon a time vitamins came from the earth in a variety of natural colors and flavors. I marvel at how despite our complete disrespect and disregard for the needs of our plant, it continues to provide everything we need, even though we are too ignorant most of the time to see it. It was such a huge eye opening experience for me to have spent years pulling annoying weeds from my horses’ pastures, only to turn around now and find I am harvesting them to feed to the horses to provide for their supplemental needs. How amazing is it that in multiple horses we have managed to eliminate a couple different cancers from their bodies altogether with various herbs and nutritional tweaks? We at Three Treasures Farms look forward to a future that with funding will allow us to do more for horses and provide for our research so that we are able to share our experience in more quantifiable ways with the horse world. We thank everyone who has supported us through the years.